Friday, July 08, 2005

Shaken and Stirred On this Occasion

My wife being English, I have travelled through King's Cross/St. Pancras many many times. It's beyond eerie to see the carnage in places that I know well. Shaken is shaken at the moment.

I have to say, the Lord Mayor of London is my type of fellow. By god don't meddle with the British. They're a tough, tough lot. Read the story of the battle of El Alamain if you want to understand the true grit and determination of the British. The eye contact and nakedness of the statements made on camera by the Mayor of London are awe inspiring.

Shaken is also Stirred, which happens Occasionally. Who is harboring these people? What is all this wailing about ethnic profiling? Is it fear of reprisal that maintains the silence?

Surely the C4 explosive has chemical markers that allow us to trace its origin. Who is selling this material to the terrorists?

Why is the UN so stunningly silent?

I was on the GO Train in Ontario today. On the many times I have taken the GO train in and out of Trawna (the oh-so Liberal graffiti-splatter, guns-blazing, garbage dumping, litter-swept, great gray Metropolis that serves as pen for Banada's major herd of sheeple), I have often mused at how trivial it would be to blow one of these trains to pieces - and me with it. It's something I think about every time I get on one of these commuter trains. So I pay attention to what is going on around me. Not crazed, mind you, but alert and attentive. Most riders are too zoned out to notice, or if they did notice, would do nothing about a backpack left under a seat.

Apathetic. That's the quintessential Canadian trait. We've all been ranting about it in our blogs these days. Apathy explains a lot about this country. Is there a gene for apathy? Is there a natural selection process underway in which only the apathetic emigrate to Canada, thus building an eddy of apathy in the national gene pool?

Can you imagine an equally lucid, concise, determined and brutally sincere message delivered on camera by any Canadian politician?

What does it take to make a Canadian angry, anyway? I mean, besides a beer strike.