Friday, June 24, 2005

Who Put These Scorpions In My Tent?

The buzz in the MSM these days about the insurgency in Iraq and the call for a political solution that presumably shapes a democracy in which Sunni and Shiite share power got me thinking. What kind of political arrangement can you make between two sects, one of which at least is willing to kill and maim women and children of the other sect?

Has it occured to the Islamafascists yet that the intolerance visible in the middle east between the Sunni, Shiite and Wahabi sects of Islam (the religion of peace), demonstrates clearly what will happen if Islam further encroaches on the West?

One the one hand, I am expected to celebrate the diversity of our cultural mosaic and be tolerant thereof, yet Islam demonstrates it cannot even tolerate relatively minor variants within its own sphere? And I am to expect I will be equally tolerated by Islam?

Do I look like a complete fool? (Those who know me are completely disqualified from answering, as well as those who have read my profile).