Friday, June 24, 2005

Invasion of the Marxist Snatchers

Striking Hydro One workers managed to shut down 6 of 8 generators at the Nanticoke generating station today, during one of Ontario's warmest days thus far this year.

This resulted in the need to import power from Quebec and the US, as these offline generators represented 15% of Ontario's generating capacity - thereby weakening the economy of the province, and our balance of trade with the US.

There, the workers are looking for more cash flow allowing increased retained earnings to improve their balance sheet: and in order to get it, they are willing to use leverage to put at risk the meagre but important frozen food stockpile of economically disadvantaged families, air conditioning for the elderly and feeble, schools, daycares, etc. etc. Imagine the hardship faced by a union-member working mom who has to book off work to pick up her children at the daycare that just closed because it has no power - all the while not being able to drive because of non-functioning traffic signals, and no subway or streetcars, either. Children going hungry because their dinners cannot be cooked. Shameful.

These striking workers are clearly more concerned about their own capital than the overall social good, especially those that are at risk in society.

If they were really good socialists, they would redouble their efforts to ensure that the province had its vital supply of electricity for those that suffer disproportionally without it. I think we've quietly been invaded by the Marxist snatchers, who have furtively been replacing Marxist workers with selfish capitalists - you know, the ones that look and sound like Marxist workers, but act like capitalist swine.

Where oh where have all the real Marxists gone?