Monday, June 27, 2005

President of China Calls For Democracy

Warning: this is a post-progressive post. (explanation)

People's Daily Online:
"A harmonious society should feature democracy, the rule of law, equity, justice, sincerity, amity and vitality," Hu said.
President Hu is just darn lucky he didn't try to get his democracy message out to the people via the blogosphere. Here's what the Chinese M$ "Space" version of his message would look like:
A harmonious society should feature [forbidden word], the rule of law, [forbidden word], [forbidden word], [forbidden word] and [forbidden word].
Advice to President Hu from Planet Earth's First Post-Progressive Blogger: you can help achieve that harmonious world you envision by leading China towards respect of Intellectual Property Rights. Oh yes, and while you're at it, the constant attempts to hack in to my network coming from your country are kinda disharmonious too. Could you have a look into that as well?