Wednesday, June 15, 2005

I'll Take Credit For This One

I recently made a comment over at Strong World. Here's a bit of it (visit Bill's excellent blog to read his post and other comments and the rest of mine):
If we do find ourselves with an election (oh please please please), then I hope to see from Harper is a happy, smiling, optimistic face, and a twinkle in the eye as it looks forward to a day when democracy is restored, investment, saving and risk-taking rewarded, wealth created, creativity unleashed, personal responsibility shouldered, compassion given freely, our talent unleashed and our work rewarded. Give us the vision Steven, and show how happy we will all be when we grasp it.
Wow, within 48 hours, look what happens.

So watch out if I come commenting at your blog - I have some freaky comment mojo thing happening right now and I can't control it...