Wednesday, June 15, 2005

No Two-Tier Access to Food in Canada

Alright, alright, in a weak moment I gave in to the 'universal access' mantra. As though overpowered by the Holy Spirit, or a hit off a meth pipe, I realized what a brilliant idea 'universal access' was. Why, oh why, have we allowed our limited imaginations to restrict its application solely to, of all things, healthcare? Certainly, we deserve equal treatment when it comes to food, which is an even more fundamental human right. Why, without food, healthcare is irrelevant.

Why should any one individual in our society have access to better or more food than another? This has to stop! It has to stop now! And what fairer way to distribute food with equality than to make it free? That way, the homeless can get all the food they need. Single mothers are assured their children's nutritional needs are met. The role of nutrition in education becomes a non-issue. Problemo solved.

I will be loudly denounced (well, not actually, not that many people read my meagre scratchings here) in all quarters for taking this heretical stand: the left is far far too conservative, and lacks true vision. Foodicare. Foodaid. Universal access to food. Free food.

Stand back Martin. Stand back Laydown. I thought of it first.