Monday, June 06, 2005

Hours for Being Catholic are Between 6:00pm and 8:00am Mon-Fri, all day Sat and Sun

The infamous Mike Constable cartoon is defended by a Catholic.

Sharon Fraser reprises the furor in her own words:
Some people — and I'm one of them — thought my best line came when Mike Duffy asked how I, as a Catholic — could “get your head around” Mike's cartoon. I don't go to work as a Catholic, I said. I go to work as an editor.
Ahem, but doesn't one go to life as a Catholic? So it's fine to ridicule the Catholic Church using the symbology of hatred because you have reached the sanctuary of work?

She goes on to justify the cartoon by stating that the Roman Catholic Church is a big, rich and powerful institution.

If I apply that same logic, then I should be able to libel rich and powerful people because, well, they are rich and powerful.

Sharon, my advice: decide if you are Catholic, or not. Then, do your best to either be a Catholic, or try apostasy. But you look a little silly up there on your high moral horse right about now.