Monday, June 06, 2005

Smoking Nurses

I was out for a walk with my family on Friday night. Nearby is the local hospital. We walked by a bench where were seated four nurses on break from the hospital. All of them smoking.

Has anyone else noticed how many nurses smoke?

I find this baffling. One would think that of all people, nurses, who see the worst effects of smoking on a daily basis, would be the last people on the planet to smoke.

Nurses of Canada! Butt out! When our children see you smoking it undermines the health impact statements made by the medical community.

Should we pass a law? NO! Nurses have the right to smoke if they want. I am just saying it is a very bad choice, and I encourage all nurses who smoke to stop because the sight of a nurse smoking causes cognitive dissonance in innocent random perambulators. I encourage anyone who smokes to stop, but today, I am feeling particulary steamed about seeing nurses smoke, so I am unfairly picking on this group.