Monday, June 06, 2005

Amnesia International

Amnesty International does not like how some of our national security threats are being treated.
[...]Much of the evidence in security certificate cases is heard in camera [...]

Concerns about security can never justify violating fundamental human rights.[...]

Well, yes, they can.

So let's suppose that we spend a great deal of effort developing a network of clandestine informants that successfully infiltrate organizations on our soil that would do us harm. Is Amnesty International seriously suggesting that we expose these intelligence assets in an open court? Not in any country in which I wish to live. AI - you do realize that there are non-citizens living in our country that would do us harm - do my family harm?

Allow AI to run the world and we will not be able to operate a security intelligence service effectively. Sorry, AI, the security of my country, my fellow citizens and my family trumps the rights of foreign national non-citizens any day of the week.

After comparing Guantanamo with the Gulag Archipeligo, and now this bit of Alice-in-Wonderland naive thinking, I am going to completely forget about Amnesty International.