Thursday, May 05, 2005

Oil For Food Documents Handed Over to Congress

Fox news is reporting that the two investigators that resigned from Volcker's whitewash investigation have ignored the whole issue of diplomatic immunity and handed over documents to the Senate House International Relations Committee.
"I have directed investigators for the Committee to begin an immediate and careful examination of documents received from Mr. Parton," Rep. Henry Hyde (search), the committee's chairman, said in a statement. "I wish to extend to Mr. Parton my thanks for fully complying with the committee's subpoena. It is my hope and expectation that neither the United Nations nor the independent inquiry will attempt to sanction Mr. Parton for complying with a lawful subpoena."
Let's see if we get some light shed on the Saskatchewan Wheat Pool and other alledged Canadian connections that have cropped up in the Oil For Food scandal. Meanwhile, my own digging into Canadian connections continues, with a focus on a certain executive suite building in Montreal. For those inclined to have a look at the what the Oil for Food program has become, you can visit the website of the Iraq Coalition Provisional Authority.