Friday, May 13, 2005

The Art of Kill the Kitten Politics

You've hired me to house sit your kitten for 2 weeks while you are away on a well-earned vacation.

Now that you are gone, I telephone you to inform you I wish to make your home my permanent abode. Agree, or I starve your kitten and slander you by decrying your abuse of small furry animals.

This is Chairman Martin's game with the budget. It's despicably low.

Don't believe Comrade Martin would do such a thing? a prominent Liberal thinks so:
There is much tut-tutting North of the Queensway, this morning, about Stephen Harper's anger that the Paul Martin regime may be delaying the confidence vote in such a way that it adversely affects the health of two Conservative MPs now undergoing cancer treatment. The Martinettes were immediately thereafter on a full media campaign, talking points in hand, all soberly declaring Harper's allegation "low," and so on. Is it?

Well, I recall one Friday evening, a couple years ago, when I almost quit the Liberal Party of Canada. It was the night that the Martin cabal took over the riding association of former cabinet minister Herb Dhaliwal, knowing (a) Dhaliwal was out of the country and (b) his wife was dying of cancer. I had witnessed a lot political thuggery, to be sure, but I had never before seen anything as disgusting, and as inhuman, as that. It was only a friend in Ottawa who talked me out of quitting.