Thursday, May 12, 2005

Chairman Martin Dispenses With Parliament

While the CPC and BQ have the house shut down, Chairman Martin proves to the nation that Parliament is an anachronism:

National Post:
Conservative Leader Stephen Harper called on Gov. Gen. Adrienne Clarkson to step in - although she can't force an election on her own.

However, the Governor General can summon the prime minister to Rideau Hall and advise him to dissolve Parliament and call an election.

''We've now demonstrated three days in a row (that) the government does not have the confidence of the House,'' Harper said.

''It could go on until the government or the Governor General is forced to admit that the government's lost its mandate to govern the country.''

Prime Minister Paul Martin suspended a cabinet meeting as his ministers scurried down the Centre Block staircase to take part in an adjournment vote.

The government lost 152-144.

Martin responded with a new $170-million aid package for Sudan which he cited as proof his government is still functioning.

But the Conservatives will fight the Liberal plan to delay the votes until Thursday. They want them by Monday at the latest and say they will vote against any motion to schedule the confidence showdown Thursday.
For the Governor General's latest comment on our constitutional crisis, read here

With the support of the House in question, non-obligatory spending of public money should cease. Allow democracy to take its course.