Thursday, May 12, 2005

No More Mounties, No More Moose - No Decision Yet on Beaver

It's a strange universe indeed when you see two articles like these published on the same day.

Calgary Sun:
Nice day for a gay wedding

They may not have won the Amazing Race, but Lynn Warren and Alex Ali are winning the game of love. The popular gay couple from Amazing Race 7, has accepted an all-expenses-paid invitation from a Canadian radio station to tie the knot in Ottawa on June 1.

Warren, 30, and Ali, 22, can’t legally be married in their home state of California, so they jumped at the chance to jump the broom in Canada.

The ceremony may draw a few protesters, but Rob Mise, Operations Manager at HOT 89.9 FM, says the station feels most Canadians are in favour of gay marriage.

With same-sex legislation before the House of Commons, Mise says the location, overlooking Parliament Hill, is perfect.

“We are inviting all the leaders (of the federal parties) and we expect most of them will come — that is except for (Conservative leader) Stephen Harper,” he says.

CTV plans to broadcast parts of the ceremony. Several major entertainment and news shows such as Entertainment Tonight have confirmed their attendance.

The couple is set to arrive in Ottawa on May 30th.

Globe and Mail:
The Canadian Tourism Commission is sidelining the "Mounties, mountains and moose" it has relied on for decades to attract foreign tourists.

It's part of an extreme makeover the commission is giving to the "Canada" brand, after market research found Canada has lost much of its appeal as a destination.[...]

Anyone want to bet on what the new marketing plan will look like?

Just so you all know, I have no problem with civil unions, but I guess I am not like 'most Canadians'... I will always maintain a traditional definition of marriage.