Thursday, May 12, 2005

Encourage the Liberals

I did say in my blog description that you could expect a twist or two. Here's one...

In a strange sense, the greater the resistance of the Liberal hegemony to seeking the confidence of the people to govern, the better. Let all of its grotesque tentacles make their appearance. Let's see the whole form of this hideous beast. The more visible the horrible reality of this parasite is to the whole population, the greater its apparent scope, the more thorough will be our efforts to disinfect our democracy.

Twisted as it may be, I am gratified to see each new revelation of the machinations of the Liberal Party - it is confirming the dire reservations I have had about this gang for my entire adult life.

The press is reading these blogs. Television media are reading these blogs. Radio personalities are reading these blogs. Politicians are reading these blogs. These blogs do not exist in a vacuum. The bloggers keep working, collaborating, thinking, exposing, and defrocking. Immune to Liberal spin, we can assimilate, integrate and leverage information at a rate never before experienced. The blogs are an organism.

The Liberals act as though they are safe within their fortress walls, comforted by their tried and true weapons. The blogs are to the political scene as the aircraft was to warfare - a permanent paradigm shift.

We have access to information in a manner never before available. We never sleep. We move at the speed of light. We have no single point of failure. We have no shape. We have an indelible and inexhaustible memory. We have expertise in every human endeavour. We are equipped with a complete recollection of human history. We are motivated.

Paul Martin committed a grave political blunder by ignoring his defeat in Parliament. It was this act of defiance of the Canadian people that will mark the turning point in the history of the Liberal Party. It was the first universally tangible, recognizable glimpse of its true nature through the growing cracks in its friendly media barricade.

Each new grimace and twitch of the Liberal Party as its fingerhold on power loosens brings into clearer definition the degree to which this parasite has invaded its host - in the judicary, law enforcement, media, unaccountable agencies, academia - in every vital organ of the body politic. Martin has succeeded where previous Liberal leaders have failed - to present a simultaneous galaxy of symptoms that alarms the patient, finally, into seeking heroic remedy.

This is no mere tender scratch. But we don't have yet a raging fever. Once the condition of the patient has grown dire enough to not be denied, we can finally stop skirmishing with bandages and ointments, and have an all out, life or death battle, followed by a proper cleansing. Let the Liberal hegemony launch its fullest assault, expose itself fully and raise that alarm far and wide.

Go ahead, Paul Martin - take your time to seek the confidence of the house. Show us what you are really made of.

UPDATE: I am noticing more and more newcomers to the blogs. I found this newbie's comment post over at Captain's Quarters:
I am new to this sort of thing, not really much of an activist. I am so disgusted with this Liberal Government and their NDP cohorts, Volpe and his KKK comments, Valeri saying how they still run the House, Paul Martin out there buying all the MP votes he can and throwing loads of cash appeasing all the special interests. 19 NDP votes $4.6 million, David Kilgour $160 million and how many Canadian Armed Services Personnel. Democracy? In what country could you stifle the Opposition and cancel Opposition days and get away with it. If this was done to any of these two Parties there would be such a fuss. I am by no means extreme right, I am I would say a Progressive Conservative who has compassion for the less fortunate. There are lots of us and need to awaken to the fact that unless we start to care what is happening to this country it will be too late and every special interest group will be taking there piece of the pie and we will be footing the bill. I am so disgusted with this attitude that all politicians are crooked, there has been some patronage before but never the level of corruption and outright theft of public funds as being disclosed at the Gomery Inquiry. I am going to call the Riding Association where Volpe is going to run and Volunteer there. I live in Bulte riding but would love to help unseat that******* Volpe. The silent majority has to get off it ass before it is too late.