Friday, September 22, 2006

The CBC Redeploy From Afghanistan to Darfur Agenda Again

CBC was at it again last night. Same format as the night before. First a carefully chosen clip from a press statement from Corporal Shane Keating's mother (no mother should lose a son, but they omit the part where she says his sacrifice was worth it - doesn't fit the agenda), more about how are losing and cannot possibly win in Afghanistan. Finally, more Darfur. Towards the end of the Darfur segment, a man from Darfur pleading for the west to come and protect them.

I am still waiting for the CBC "news" segment with an analysis of the consequences of the Taliban regaining control of Afghanistan. But we'll never get such an analysis from the CBC, because they have their heads firmly shoved up their behinds.

Turn off the taps to the CBC. I don't want to pay for this anymore. I won't have a government funded priviledged media outlet working at odds with our democratically elected government. Especially when their agenda puts us at risk.