Monday, July 31, 2006

Wake Up

Looks like Tony Blair is caving in to the swing in popular opinion regarding the West's policies in the Middle East:
We need . . . to put a viable Palestinian government on its feet
It sounds as though Tony has concluded that the underlying cause of our confrontation with Islamofascism is Palestine - create the Palestinian state, and the issue is behind us. If that were true, then would we not have been hearing accolades from the Islamofascists for Israel's pull back from Gaza? Instead, Israel gets rockets.

I have to believe that Tony knows that the Palestinian state is a red herring.

Obsession, What the War on Terror is Really All About is an online documentary that explores the underyling motivations for Islamofascism. Must viewing.

Another good read is available in Islamic fundamentalism, also available online.

I have to believe that Blair knows the truth, is doing the usual politically expedient thing to remain in power, and is touting the Palestinian state for two reasons:
  1. a significant number of worried British voters will believe it
  2. once a Palestinian state is established and the terrorism in the world continues, clarity about the issue will be achieved for once and for all, allowing the west to act with conviction