Saturday, July 22, 2006

Alignment and Anti-Semitism of the DPRK (Warning - Very Objectionable Material Referenced)

There is no denying it now. Here are some links to blogs operated by the DPRK propaganda machine:

Note this filth.

The owner of that blog (presumably a DPRK propagandist) uses the Hezb'allah flag as his icon.

This makes it apparent to me that this Hezb'allah incursion into Israel to abduct Israeli soldiers was co-ordinated with Hamas, Iran, and the DPRK missile test.

Axis of evil indeed.

I find myself wondering why Google, who bought, permits clearly anti-semitic filth to be posted by DPRK propagandists, when it is so ready to provide requested censorship in China.

Special welcome to visitors from the idiotic DPRK blogs mentioned here. I have a special link for you here.