Friday, July 21, 2006

What This War Is Really About

Sunni vs. Shiite

This is a widening schism between these two factions of Islam. It is a contest between Iran, now the center of gravity of the Shiite world, and Saudi Arabia. Both are oil-rich, and have their preferred list of customers: Sunni oil goes to the USA, Shiite oil goes to China.

A bonus for the winner is possession of Islam's holiest places.

Have you heard of the Shiite rioting in Saudi Arabia? Of course not, the press in Saudi Arabia severely censored with respect to this kind of news. How about the Saudi helicopter gunships that were used up and down the Gulf Coast to put down a Shiite uprising in the 80's (lest the Shiite success in Tehran spill over). That information was censored as well, and never reached the west. My father witnessed it all.

Add a few sprinkles of anti-Semitism, and you now have the middle east conflict in a nutshell.