Sunday, February 12, 2006

Iran Calling

Let's just hypothesize for the moment that Iran is using the Danish KharThuns to divert attention away from the resumption of their uranium enrichment programme, and in particular, Denmark was targeted because of its current unique status within the UN Security Council. Recall that the IANA threw up its hands last week and announced it would refer the matter to the UNSC.

If this hypothesis is correct - it's not entirely far-fetched - then, what does this tell us about the lines of communication between the Iranian theocracy and the fifth column in the West who can organize protests in Europe and now in North America?

Surely these are known and monitored by security services. I have every confidence that Stockwell is paying attention and will ignore the hue and cry from the rabble. With Minister Day in place, I have far more confidence in Canada's role against Terrorist Islam than I did with the Screecher.