Sunday, January 01, 2006

2006 Starts With A Bang In The Big Smoke

It took less time than I predicted. Only six hours or so. That's almost as long as it took Mr. Dithers to flip flop from accusing us of causing the problem through practicing "exclusion" to now getting on the incarceration bandwagon.

Yet more followership instead of leadership from Mr. Dithers, after his advisors put down their beer and popcorn long enough to figure out that we demand meaningful action. If it weren't for a young female losing her life on Yonge Street on Boxing Day, symbolic of the hopes and aspirations for Toronto families and therefore obviously putting in peril the Liberal vote in Toronto, I doubt we would be hearing anything of the sort from Dithers.

It was Liberal immigration policy that brought this unwanted scourge into our country and our city. We all know it, but in trying live up to the 'kinder gentler holier-than-thou" identity spin from the Liberals, we haven't dared speak of it. Until now.

Libranos - here is my identity. Hard working, family oriented, liberty-loving individual. Take your Liberal inukshuk and put it where the sun doesn't shine (at least for several months in the winter).