Saturday, June 18, 2005

70% of Canadians Want to See an End To Healthcare Rationing

via Nealenews:
In fact, seven in ten (70%) agree they should be able to buy services from a private healthcare provider if they want to - 37% strongly feely this way, and more than half of Canadians see two potential positive outcomes as a result of this ruling:

1) 60% percent think it will lead to shorter waiting lists, and
2) 54% think it will lead to improvements in the quality and availability of the healthcare services that their family receives.
Essentially, Canadians want to see an end to healthcare rationing. Rationing, last seen in this country during WWII, is a tool useful for enforcing fair distribution of a good or service when there is a scarcity.

There is a definite scarcity of healthcare in Canada - certainly as compared to the US. Having lived in the US and experienced it's healthcare system for a decade, I know whereof I speak.

Allowing private healthcare to augment supply puts an end to need for rationing. Supply, and thus cost, will be self-regulating.

Furthermore, and there is no denying this, the US system delivers far superior healthcare than the Canadian system. I am not imagining this - I have lived it.