Thursday, June 16, 2005

Ultimate Crime Fighting Tool Discovered

Henry the Organ Mauler received his honorary doctor of law degree from the University of Western Ontario, in London. In his address, he states:
He claimed that violent crime has decreased since 1991, a trend he attributed to more abortion procedures being made available.

"The most important factor is that there are fewer unwanted children, fewer children likely to be abused, brutalized or neglected ... children so victimized they may grow up for a thirst for vengeance which seeks an outlet in violence" [...]
No doubt that some of the lives he ended would have joined the criminal ranks.

Henry, can you not see the light? Your new crime-fighting tool can completely eradicate criminality if only we have the courage to apply it widely enough.

There are many arguments to be made on all sides of the abortion issue, but attributing the drop in crime to abortion on demand just does not sit right with me. "So I flushed it - probably would have grown up to be a criminal anyway...". Shudder.