Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Kept on Trucking

There remains a number of OIP documents floating around the caches over at the un site (, but they are mostly unlinked now. At the UN site are links to IP address - which usually indicates a Tomcat server. These links are now dead, and cannot be pinged. If you wish to have a look around the OIP site, you will find it here. I confess my curiosity got the better of me regarding this truck, so I thought I would see if the documentation supporting this transaction was still around. You will find that the distribution plan documents still exist, but the detailed document links therein are invalid. Those more suspicious than I could wonder if some 'electronic' shedding has taken place. All the more reason for the investigators to ensure that the document cache contents at the UN site are kept intact. For instance, I found that the truck in question appears to have been shipped, as per cached notice document at the UN
76 802659 Italy 3058 77/2000/1120 GENERATORS AND SPARE UNDP No
77 802680 UAE 822/2000 N/4/16/99/22 TRUCK UNDP Yes
78 802719 Lebanon 549/01 80 GENERATING SET/SPARE UNDP No

Although the actual transaction value is not listed.

The distribution plans make fascinating reading. I highly recommend them.