Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Nanny State Says You're Not Eating Enough

It has a name now, so the MSM has a new meme: dysmorphia. That's right folks, the MSM now has it's size 6 knickers in a twist over skinny models. Except they were skinny models yesterday, today, they are dysmorphic.

Fat runway models must be a Bush plot. Follow me here if you can. We all know that Bush (and his poodle PMSH) are, if nothing else, hellbent on creating the fascist state and robbing us of our freedoms. Now look who they've singled out: women who don't eat enough.

The models are free to starve themselves to death. The free market will determine when their morphology becomes unattractive.

I wonder what part of our lives the MSM doesn't think is any of their or the state's business? Who is it that has the erosion of individual freedoms agenda again?

I think it's going to be fun to find out which female politicians and MSM "journalists" are behind this meme. What do you think I will find when I check out their BMIs? Oh, so bitchy...

Tessa Jowell (UK Culture Minister) is campaigning for a low BMI catwalk ban in the UK:

Think this gal has some jealousy issues? Hey, she's a cabinet minister now, in a socialist government - that's real power to get even make a positive change.