Wednesday, January 04, 2006

A Mystery That Will Not Go Away

Bourque has picked up on an item circulating about JFK.

For the tinfoil hatters out there that can't get enough of this stuff, here's some more that seems to corraborate some of the story:
In confirmation to the previously declared and exposed we wish to add the following: My father, Emilio Nuñez-Portuondo, who was the Cuban Ambassador to the United Nations, was the great anti-Communist figure of Latin America and who acquired a well known name in the world when the Russians invaded Hungary in 1956, communicated to me in 1963 that Fidel Castro had given the order to Oswald for him to kill Kennedy.

I remember that the FBI came to visit him at that opportunity and my father gave them the same information. They wanted to know the source of it and my father refused to disclose it since the degree of Communist infiltration was fairly high during that time.

My father told me that his informant was a person who worked at the Cuban Embassy in Mexico. He never told me weather it was a man or a woman; a public official or high or low rank; neither the wife or husband of some Embassy employee.

He reiterated to me that Oswald reconfirmed this order. Still not satisfied with the Cuban confirmation, due to the importance of the mission, he visited the Soviet Embassy in Mexico in the month of October and as we all know he assassinated President Kennedy on November 22, 1963, executing the orders of Fidel Castro.