Saturday, May 14, 2005

This Could Spread to Ottawa

From Globe and Mail:
A $6.2-billion pledge over the next five years for Ontario's universities and colleges comes with strings attached, Premier Dalton McGuinty warned yesterday.

"It is simply unreasonable to expect that we're going to flow that much new money into our postsecondary institutions and not demand higher accountability in return," Mr. McGuinty said.

The government proposes to extend the jurisdiction of the Freedom of Information Act to Ontario's universities. Also, Mr. McGuinty said that the provincial auditor will be able to go into colleges and universities "to make sure that we're getting a good return on our investment.
Bravo, for that last bit Premier McGuinty.

Similar reforms would go a long, long way to eliminating the black hole in Ottawa. We must not allow our governments to create facade agencies that spend without auditability.

Where is that tsunami-aid again? The $425m the Sri-Lankans are asking for? Can the auditor general have a quick peek at CIDA's books? Hmm?