Saturday, May 14, 2005

Reloscam: Take Two, Scene 1

CTV blows the whistle on yet another Librano scandal
A billion dollar contract to relocate civil servants across the country is mired in allegations of mismanagement and cronyism so serious that the parliamentary spending watchdog may send it to Canada's Auditor General for review next week.
"A senior executive at Royal LePage vacationed with the senior person responsible for the bidding process on a cruise ship. There was a relationship that went far beyond your normal client supplier relationship," says Bruce Atyeo of Oakville based Envoy Relocation Services.
Just how many suitcases did they take on that cruise?

Here's what I want to know - did this cruise and bidding process take place after Martin set up the Gomery Commission? Were they so cocky, so bold as to continue with questionable activites even after they were caught red-handed?

UPDATE: I have received information from a source close to this story, and have started another archeological expedition to develop the story. Here is the first result, from from Hansard.