Saturday, May 14, 2005

Syria Military Buildup Along Iraq Border

Zaman hot news:
Syria launched a military build up on its Iraq border after the American Army began a wide-ranging military operation in a region in Iraq near the Syrian border.

Eyewitnesses in this area reported that they heard canon, warplane and bombing sounds coming from Al Kaim Township and its surroundings.

Local inhabitants reported that Syrian armored vehicles went to the border region with soldiers in them. Eyewitnesses noted that the tension in the region is quite high, and they added that they are anxious due to heavy American bombardment in the Ak Kaim region and Husayba Town.

Syrian villagers in the region said that they cannot sleep at night due to the noise of exploding bombs and warplanes.

The American Army launched a large-scale operation on May 7 near the long Syrian border with Iraq in order to prevent the infiltration of men coming to support Jordanian Abu Musab Al Zarqawi's activities in Iraq.