Monday, May 02, 2005

Mesmorized in Ontario

This article by Ezra Levant is so on-the-money that I just have to post some of it. Snap out of it, Ontario....
Mon, May 2, 2005
Ontario must do its duty
Its voters can save the Liberals -- and they must not

By Ezra Levant -- Calgary Sun

The Liberals are dead in the West and French Quebec. Only Ontario can save them now. Will they?

And do they know what Alberta and Quebec will do if Paul Martin's corrupt party is renewed by Ontario?

This isn't about right wing or left wing anymore -- and the new Conservative party is hardly right wing by the standards of the old Reform party or even Mike Harris's first term. This is about the normalization of corruption, ...

Martin's conduct over the last 10 days is that of a red-faced schoolboy caught doing something naughty -- begging for time, shifting blame, desperately looking for allies. He's found one in Jack Layton who, for the fee of $4.6-billion in spending, will prop up the Liberals...

A more politically attractive Conservative party couldn't be conceived. A more despicable Liberal party could not be conceived. The West and French Quebec are lost to the Liberals for a generation; it's up to Ontario now. Here's hoping that Ontario will throw Martin out -- and hard. If it doesn't, don't be surprised if Alberta and Quebec throw Ontario out -- or more accurately, try to leave themselves.
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