Friday, May 27, 2005

The Hidden Agenda: No Fun

(or, "How to Get Elected: Offer More Fun")

There you have it, the ocean has been boiled and the result produced: the hidden agenda is to take away your fun.

A political party that is pro-fun will be rewarded with the most votes. A party that would inhibit your fun will be spurned. And of course, everyone knows that Christians have no fun, especially Catholic Christians. So if the pro-fun party can connect the neurons in the voter's collective mind that equates conservative with Christian, then the fear mongering is complete, the correct branding established. Us - more fun. Them - less fun.

And what is fun? Fun is anything you define it be - it's highly personal. Discovering what is to be on your personal inventory of fun is a lifelong quest. The more expansive the domain of possibilities, the greater the opportunities to discover your own personal sources of fun. An environment where anything goes offers the widest scope for expanding one's envelope of fun. A very good reason for embracing diversity in all its respects - more fun to be had by all, because in a truly diverse culture, anything goes.

Let's go right to the core of the matter: sex. Great fun indeed. Apply the diversity principle, and every whim of desire can be satisfied. By establishing a social contract in which I agree to bind you to no rules, then, in equal consideration, no rules will apply to me. I am free of all restraint in my pursuit of fun. Do your own thing. Whatever floats your boat. Sounds like fun to me.

Perhaps fun is best experienced with fun-enhancers. Can't control your use of fun-enhancers? Congratulations, you have been elevated to the status of victim. Victims that lose control over their fun-enhancers experience reduced levels of fun. Rather than have state controls that might reduce everybody's fun, it's far cheaper to help the victims. Sometimes the right answer is to supply the victims with legitimate fun-enhancers, which neatly tucks them away in their own fun-space, allowing unfettered access to fun by the majority.

Unexpected offspring as a result of fun? Can't have the burden of consquences diminishing fun, so better have the state eliminate those, so the pursuit of fun can continue. Family responsibilities weighing you down? Getting in the way of earning the income that funds ever more fun? No problem, the state will step in so you can more fully concentrate on life's real purpose: personal pursuit of fun.

Like the matter, anti-matter twins, there is fun, and anti-fun. War is anti-fun. It's so anti-fun that there is no longer any reasonable basis on which to pursue this last recourse. A better, more enlightened strategy is to convert those against whom we would otherwise wage anti-fun to the joys of embracing diverse, uninhibited fun. Who cares if they won't buy it? It will be fun trying. Religion is anti-fun. It's nothing but rules engineered by old men that use an invisible God as a box to keep our fun contained. Anti-fun, and fun-haters, must be ridiculed at every turn, unless, of course, religion can be used to promote diversity, which allows more unrestrained pursuit of fun.

Did someone violate a few rules while servicing our quest for fun? Easy to overlook, because the other alternative is less fun. We're addicted to fun, so it doesn't matter if the needle is dirty, we need our fix.

Hence, I reveal the true hidden agenda: remove all barriers to fun for everyone as the means of removing one's own barriers to fun. And the party offering the most fun is the one best attended.