Tuesday, May 17, 2005

VisaScam Reprise

You all remember VisaScam a few years back, don't you?

This morsel out in cyberspace caught my eye
[...] "This document does not present theories but indicators of a multi-faceted threat to Canada's national security based on concrete facts drawn from the databanks of the two agencies involved, classified reports from allied agencies and various open sources."

Later in the next paragraph, it says, "It should be reiterated that this report presents concrete facts, not just ideas or speculation."

Let there be no doubt in your mind that the [...] report does nothing to dispel the fundamental criticism and allegations made by the people who worked on [...].

In a previous column, I explained the presence on the [...] committee of Bob Rae, former Premier of Ontario and brother of Jean Chr├ętien's campaign manager, John Rae. But there is another member of that committee whom we need to have a peek at.

Stay tuned...