Thursday, May 19, 2005

"Parliamentary precedents are clear"

Well, I'm glad we cleared that up. Last week it was in serious doubt, when the Liberals ignored Parliamentary precedent and failed to dissolve Parliament after being defeated, and failed to table an unambiguous motion of confidence shortly after the defeat.

However, tonight, when it suits their purposes,
"Parliamentary precedents are clear," the veteran Speaker said. "The Speaker should vote, whenever possible, for continuation of debate."
Now back to enjoying watching the Liberal Party turn on the Gomery spit, while it lasts.
"Responsible government denotes a system wherein the members of Cabinet are collectively responsible to the elected House for the actions of the executive. If they lose the confidence or support of the elected House, they must resign or seek a new mandate.

Conventions and precedent remain to this day the basis of responsible government in Canada.

[thanks for the quote, Habamus Rodentum]
We continue in a state of dictatorship.

I am only one voter, but I have dinner every night with 3 voters-soon-to-be. I've made sure that they understand exactly what just happened.